Independent Consultant
March 2013 to present

  • Currently contracting with Department of Veteran's Affairs to assist implementation of their psychosocial rehabilitation efforts and with WorkCover New South Wales to assist in the development of a new regulatory framework.
  • Contracted with Comcare concerning the reshaping of its claims management operations and creation of new tools and functionalities to reduce its long term liability exposures. Contributed to a significant reshaping of the injury management environment across the federal service.
  • Developed new functional understanding of disability and resilience that has attracted Australian and international interest. Presented the project in over 20 Australian and international presentations and publications.
  • Regular contributor to RTW Matters, an internet publication promoting effective rehabilitation.
  • Conducted independent file review of complex and controversial claims files in the context of complaints about claim management. Reviews included extensive document review, interviews of relevant personnel and liaison with personnel from Comcare and the client agency.
    • Relations between Comcare and the client agency were substantially improved.
    • The review disclosed opportunities for substantial savings and a highly positive return on investment.
    • At the request of Comcare an analysis of opportunities for systemic improvement was arising from the review was also submitted.
  • Conducted independent file review of psychological claims files for a rehabilitation provider, disclosing significant training opportunities.
  • Conducted strategic planning facilitation for a national association providing services in the industry.
  • Represent the Work Loss data Institute's "ODG" product line in Australia and New Zealand.
National Program Manager and Consultant
WCD Workers' Compensation Solutions: October 2012 to March 2013

  • Created plan for client with regard to workers' compensation coverage for ex-patriot employees in 15 separate countries, consistent with corporate policy and local statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Developed procurement documents for upgrading the client's suite of Employee Assistance Plan services, covering both domestic and international employees.
  • Assist client team in change management surrounding the design, testing and rollout of a new incident reporting/claims management software suite.
Director of Stakeholder Collaboration
Industry Engagement Centre for Personal Injury, Deakin University. August 2010 to October 2012

  • Created national stakeholder engagement series with sessions in all Australian capitals. Employer branding and core business were reinforced. National report includes previously undisclosed national consensus items of importance to policy makers.
  • Served as Lecturer at tertiary and post graduate levels, as well as in numerous presentations to Australian and international conferences to improve customer base and increase diversity of customer base.
  • Created online center for information and resource sharing to further enhance core educational offerings, leading to renewal of key contracts and expansion of product offerings.
President and Principal Consultant
Uncommon Approach, Inc. May, 2005 to present

  • Independent file review and analysis of complex claims files from a statutory workers' compensation authority and files from a major rehabilitation provider, resulting in improved relations with clients, positive return on investment, and actionable improvements in operational protocols.
  • Rewrote the Navajo Nation workers' compensation scheme resulting in the lowest litigation rates recorded in the US and the creation of a premium excess that allowed the Nation to increase benefits while holding premiums level.
  • Rewrote the Delaware workers' Compensation scheme resulting in systemic savings that improved the state's relative premium cost rating from 7th highest in the country to 43rd highest.
  • Provided consultation in the states of Tennessee and California, and for the Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation system and the U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Developed an advanced approach to injury management cost control that offers a 4:1 return on investment, reduced disability and prevention of psychological harm.
  • Presented at numerous US, Australian and International conferences and published over 50 books, book chapters and articles on workers' compensation matters.
General Counsel
New Mexico Workers' Compensation Administration, May 1990 to May 2005

  • Chief Legal and Policy Development officer for a scheme overseeing over 40,000 claims per year.
  • Rewrote the administrative rules for the agency, implementing reform legislation and resulting in reduction of costs that improved the state's relative premium cost rating from 10th highest to 10th lowest in the US.
  • Assisted the US Virgin Islands in drafting their first set of administrative rules for workers' compensation.
  • Created investigation and enforcement program for insurance requirement compliance that resulted in five-fold increase in successful compliance actions.
  • Created audit and security protocols for review of self-insurers to ensure that insolvency risk was minimised and adequate security was in place.
  • Managed the system's fraud investigation unit and obtained criminal convictions in over 90% of cases referred for prosecution.
  • Represented injured workers in Federal Bankruptcy proceedings involving self-insurers so that no worker was disadvantaged by lack of representation or general unsecured creditor status.
  • Drafted, reviewed, amended or gave evidence as an expert witness concerning over a thousand pieces of legislation pertaining to the workers' compensation scheme or statutory authority authorizing legislation.
  • Represented the United States in tri-governmental negotiations concerning cross-border workers' compensation coverage under NAFTA.
  • Represented the workers' compensation industry before federal agencies and the US Senate, resulting in the repeal of an agency regulation by the US Congress.
  • Appointed representative of the chief executive officer for quasi-judicial functions