Robert Aurbach is an experienced lawyer and workers' compensation system designer. He spent 15 years as the chief legal officer and policy developer for the New Mexico Workers' Compensation Administration. During that time he completely redesigned the state's regulatory framework after a major statutory reform, and then saw the changes through adoption and implementation. As a consequence of the reform program, New Mexico went from the 10th highest premiums in the country to the 10th lowest over a four year period.
During that role, and subsequently as an independent consultant, Rob assisted other governmental entities in reviewing and revising their workers' compensation systems. Clients included the Navajo Nation, US Virgin Islands, states of New Mexico, Delaware, Tennessee, California, and the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation system. Fiscal outcomes of the other projects he has independently conducted have received excellent reviews.

Since 2003, Rob has served as the editor of the only peer-reviewed international professional journal devoted to workers' compensation issues, allowing him ongoing access to the latest injury management developments and resources. Additional experiences include testimony before the US Congress on the OSHA ergonomics initiative and representation of the United States in NAFTA talks on cross-border workers' compensation matters.

In Australia, Rob organised and ran a unique series of stakeholder engagement sessions in every Australian capital, gathering and analysing the input of a very diverse range of stakeholders. The resulting national report has been published by Deakin University. Rob has also worked as a consultant for a variety of clients including an independent injury compensation consulting firm, where he was assigned to work with a large self-insured banking interest, rehabilitation businesses and associations and Comcare (the Australian Federal workers' compensation system).

Rob is currently working on projects with the Australian Department of Veteran's Affairs and the New South Wales WorkCover Authority. He is an active speaker and writer who has presented at a number of American and international conferences and written more than 50 articles and book chapters for publication. He is current focusing on:
  1. Understanding factors that allow some people to recover from physical and psychological injury as expected, while others do not and helping design compensation systems that minimise such additional harm; and
  2. Gaining understanding of the neuroplastic basis for individual resilience and turning that knowledge into practical tools.